Born in Barcelona, based in São Paulo, Nathan Cornes aka @wagedu is a believer in nomadism and decentralization.

As a generative artist, he sees a lot of poetry in numbers but has serious problems with excessive symmetry and perfection. To escape it, he bends math, injects chance and manipulates noise, cultivating imperfection and flaws.

Also influenced by the splitting and crossing between physical and digital, he often studies real life objects and reimagines them under a totally different set of rules.

Seeing how the BTC blockchain is a lasting source of both, fine imperfection and malleable digital rules, he feels it’s the natural home for his generative art practice.

“Generative art uses math’s talent
to create beauty,
and then subverts it to go beyond.”

Generative artist, creative coder, didn’t really exist as career paths in ’98.

Back then, my options were pretty limited: experimental websites for people like Smoking Paper -if you know, you know- and teaching Interactive Media Design at an Institution that would still take 6 years to become a University.

When lucky enough to land an exhibition in galleries and museums -where digital art remains niche to this day- my ideas always had to be adapted, to conform.

What actually honed my craft was creating explorative websites, interactive portfolios, webseries, flash games, teaching, VJing.
An oscillating career, a creative wandering, but always revolving around the same core: digital evolution.

More recently I created NFTs for fxHash, Prohibition, Genify -you name it- and of course I’ll share some links.
But still had to adapt my practice to “fit them”.

Now, Ordinals are more than a fit; Ordinals are a source of inspiration and a material and a space, all at the same time.

  • Member of VCA Residency’s 7th cohort
  • 1/5 artists at Some.Place exhibition “Touch”, Curated by Danielle King, Oct. 6th-19th, 2022, Together with Iskra Velitchkova, Rose Jackson, Philip Bell and Marc Maurer
  • Works physically exhibited at
    • “MIS” (Museu da Imagem e do Som), “NFT_BR_23/Bienal”, and “Mezzanino” (São Paulo)
    • “10 de Julio” (Buenos Aires)
    • “Nokia Trends Lab” (BCN)
  • Opening vignette, 27th Bienal de São Paulo